Nightmare on 5th Street

Nightmare on 5th Street

Co-hosts/sisters Alma and Dalia discuss horror movies weekly on this podcast. We talk about all of the absolutely ridiculous gorey bits, and of course the fun and tired plot lines. We dig into those introspective moments along with the intersectionality of horror with your everyday life. Expect spoilers, NSFW discussions, and always some good laughs.

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Interview with Cezil Reed | Indie Filmmaker | Director "Not Alone"

Dec. 21, 2021

Another Bonus Episode for you all! We had the opportunity to talk with Cezil Reed, director of "Not Alone" and Indie Filmmaker. We had such a great conversation with him about some of his past projects and a really fun upcom…

Guest: Cezil Reed
Bonus Episodes Livestream Horror Comedy

Gremlins (1984) | Cool sweaters, monsters, and 2 cool dudes

Dec. 13, 2021

Gremlins (1984) Aired LIVE Wednesday, 8 December @ 6pm cst Pop the popcorn and queue the movie up, because we're discussing Gremlins and all the fun holiday horror movies. Okay, so we got a bit silly here. Alma fangirls over…

It's a Patreon, it's a Patreon!

Nov. 27, 2021

We are giving you all a little sneak peek at one of our bonus episodes from our Patreon. It's from one of our latest episodes, "Zombie For Sale" a fun South Korean zombie flick. Take a listen and we hope that you will consid…

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