Nightmare on 5th Street

Nightmare on 5th Street

Co-hosts and sisters Alma and Dalia discuss a different horror movie each week. We're a recap show with tons of spoilers and lots of opinions. Cult classics, foreign, ghost stories, and cheesy 80s horror are just some of the genres we love to discuss. Expect plenty of mispronunciations, spoilers, NSFW, and maybe some jump scares along the way. Alma startles easily and Dalia never remembers anyone's name. Join us weekly for a new horror movie discussion.

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It's a Patreon, it's a Patreon!

Nov. 27, 2021

We are giving you all a little sneak peek at one of our bonus episodes from our Patreon. It's from one of our latest episodes, "Zombie For Sale" a fun South Korean zombie flick. Take a listen and we hope that you will consid…

Bonus Episodes Family Friendly

Pixar's Coco | Special DIA DE LOS MUERTOS Episode

Nov. 2, 2021

We have a special bonus episode for you all, celebrating Dia de Los Muertos! We thought what better way to celebrate with our listeners than to discuss one of our favorite animated movies, Coco. And you all, this episode is …

31 Days Of Halloween

Day 31 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN - 31 Days of Halloween

Nov. 1, 2021

Join Nightmare on 5th Street for 31 Days of spooky stories from around the world. We're taking a step back in time to enjoy some creepy tales from decades and centuries past. Story: Mesmeric Revelation Author: Edgar Allen Po…

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