April 15, 2021


Why does a podcast episode begin with an apology? Because we promised our listeners that all three sisters would be discussing Aliens this week. However, we had an issue with audio and we needed to re-record without our very special guest, Daisy. We are planning on inviting her back in the future, so don't worry. For this episode, nostalgia is the theme. Here's a movie we have seen many times and still enjoy. I mean, come on, Sigourney Weaver. A sponsor drops their sponsorship and Dalia shares her obsession with Billy the Kid. We also learn about the life and background of one of the characters from Alien. We had lots of fun recording this episode...again. And we hope you enjoy.

Sources for this episode:
Alien: An Original Crew Member Is Canonically Trans by Mack Velton

[Trapped By Gender] Intersexuality in the ‘Alien’ Franchise by Alice Collins

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