Season 4 is here! This season we are discussing WOMEN OF HORROR!

Alma Takes a Break From Horror Movies

Alma Takes a Break From Horror Movies

I am kind of a brat and always get to pick the movies in the house. I don’t want to watch your stuff, lol! I went to the theater and caught Everything Everywhere All At Once and I loved it. Fan-fucking-tastic! That is all. Let’s get back to the horror goods. I caught The Cursed, The Night House, The Cellar, and Midnight, all newer releases. And if you twist my arm into choosing one to talk about, I’ll pick Midnight. Okay, you happy? 

I know it’s definitely more of a thriller. Most of the time, I shy away from recommending these or giving my input because surprisingly, I’m kind of a new fan to thrillers. This Korean slasher follows a serial killer and a deaf woman who crosses his path. Wi Ha-joon’s stellar performance really makes this film. He is scary. And I never wanted anyone to live more than I wanted Jin Ki-joo to make it through this night. Somehow, writer/director Kwon Oh-seung kept my attention (I had family groaning but it was only 103 mins) despite the old cat and mouse plot. Each moment felt fresh and heart-pounding. 

Not convinced, and still need a true horror pick? Go watch The Cursed, despite one of the reviews that read like- it has “beautiful gowns.” Excellent monster story, lots of people to hate, and a top notch terrifying and crude reveal. This one moment made the whole film for me. 

I also got tagged in to watch Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I’m done with my break from horror movies. Throw some blood and gore my way.