Help! We need some bodies!

Help! We need some bodies!

Help! We need some bodies! SomeBODIES, that is, to help us out with our Patreon goal. See what we did there? Okay, so maybe that's a little corny or too dad joke-y for you. As we have wrapped Season 2 and entered into our holiday break, we want to take this time to thank you for listening to our podcast and to ask you for your support, in a different way.

We are so grateful to all our listeners. You listen to our podcast, send us really sweet messages, and you also give us shout outs on social media and share us with your friends. Thank you so much! Now us greedy bitches are asking for more. Just kidding. But not. We have created a Patreon membership with several tiers to help us fund our back end logistical, boring to you, necessary to us podcast production management. Phew, say that 10 times fast.

We are asking, if you're able, to consider supporting our podcast monetarily by hitting up our Patreon and choosing one of the membership options so we can help cover some of those bleh things we mentioned up there, and in turn you will get some cool stuff. That's right, we said cool stuff. How can you pass that up? We know not everyone is able to contribute monetarily so we appreciate any and all types of support that we receive from our listeners.

And one last thing...WE HAVE A GOAL! Yep, that's right. We are all about goals and we're aiming high for this one. We would love to reach the big 2-5 in Patreon members before the end of the year. I know, big number, but we are confident we can reach our goal by December 31st.

To help us reach our goal head over to our Patreon and subscribe there. We appreciate each and every one of you and we are looking forward to another fun filled, freaky year. 

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