Season 4 is here! This season we are discussing WOMEN OF HORROR!
March 10, 2022

The Lost Boys | Sexy Saxophone and All

Sexy saxophone player, queerest non-Queer vampire movie you'll ever see, and The Coreys all in one lovely package. Join us as we discuss this gem along with the story behind the moniker "Murder Capital of the World". Movie summary: After …

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Aug. 19, 2021

Vampires vs. the Bronx | Kids Rule, Vampires Drool

Is there such a thing as a feel good vampire horror movie? Well, if there wasn't before, here it is. This week we discuss the 2020 vampire flick, Vampires vs the Bronx. Dalia really needed a cozy, nostalgia inducing movie …

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Jan. 25, 2021


This week Alma and Dalia watch the silent film, Nosferatu. We also discuss vampires in Romania during our real-world connection. And what does all this have to do with SpongeBob? Tune in to this week's episode to find out. Sources …

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