Sept. 2, 2021

Darr @ the Mall

What do a mall in India and a whole bunch of ghosties have in common? Well, it’s in the title, man. This week we watched and discuss Darr @ the Mall. Alright, people…we may have enjoyed talking about this supernatural Indian flick a little too much. Thankfully we found each other extremely entertaining. For our real world connection we went where the movie led us, dying and dead malls. Yes, that’s a thing! If you haven’t watched Darr @ the Mall yet, check it out on YouTube. Then throw on your best goth dancewear and tune in to our discussion.

Sources for this episode:
Malls are dying. The thriving ones are spending millions to reinvent themselves.
by Abha Bhattarai
U.S. Malls, Well Past Their Heyday, Struggle to Survive
by Jordyn Holman

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