April 1, 2021

Koko-di Koko-da

TW/CW: There is a child death, off camera sexual assault, and animal death. Oh my goodness, people. Our microphones, especially Dalia's, were super sensitive so you're going to hear a little bit of our lives in the background. But we're okay with that because we loved discussing this movie. A little French nursery rhyme enjoyed by a creepy Swedish trio of killers is just the perfect combo of hair raising material. Plus Dalia gives a lesson on 17th century lithotomy. Who'd have thought she could sneak some medical history into this one? Kick back, relax, and listen in to our discussion of this Shudder Swedish movie.

Source for this episode: "FRERE JACQUES BEAULIEU: FROM ROGUE LITHOTOMIST TO NURSERY RHYME CHARACTER" by: Jackques P. Ganem and Culley C. Carson

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