July 1, 2021

Mandao Returns

We had so much fun recording this episode. Mandao Returns is a quirky sci-fi horror comedy that follows up Mandao of the Dead. Fun movie that hit all the marks for us this week--murderous cult, astral projecting, with a Christmas backdrop. For this week's Real World Connection we have a special treat! Scott Dunn, screenwriter/director/actor of the Mandao Series and Schlep, joined us to talk about his movies, indie filmmaking, diversity & inclusivity in horror, and his upcoming projects. You can't miss this episode, tune in to get in on the conversation!

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Scott Dunn


SCOTT DUNN is a Korean-American filmmaker and entrepreneur. He grew up making films as a hobby with his friends before ultimately moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

After working in several films, short films, and stage work Scott was cast as the recurring character Shane Peters on Disney’s “Kickin’ It.”

He then switched gears back to his filmmaking roots. He is the Writer, Director, Actor, and Editor in SCHLEP, MANDAO OF THE DEAD, and MANDAO RETURNS.

He co-founded Dunnit Films, a film production company based in Arizona. Scotty also has a growing YouTube channel that features high quality content such as short and feature films, skits, trailers, behind the scenes, and vlogs.