May 6, 2021

The House Next Door (Aval)

TW/CW This film either depicts or discusses child murder, infanticide, and suicide.

This week we headed over to India to watch the horror movie “The House Next Door”, aka “Aval”. A nod to “The Exorcist” and some good ol’ fashioned ghost stories kept us guessing as to how this movie was going to end. The cinemotography was gorgeous and the fact that this was recorded in 3 languages simultaneously astounded us. For our history lesson, Dalia went back in time and scooped up some knowledge on trephination in South America and Mexico from over 1000 years ago.


Preconquest Peruvian Neurosurgeons: A Study of Inca and Pre-Columbian Trephination and the Art of Medicine in Ancient Peru 
by: Marino, Raul Jr. M.D.; Gonzales-Portillo, Marco M.D

Archaeological Origins of Cranial Surgery : Trephination in Mexico 
Velasco-Suarez, Manuel M.D.; Martinez, Josefina Bautista Ph.Anthr.; Oliveros, Rafael Garcia M.D.; Weinstein, Philip R. M.D

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