June 24, 2021

Tigers are Not Afraid

This week we watched and discuss the Mexican movie "Tigers are Not Afraid" from Mexican screenwriter director Issa Lopez. Whoo, this one is a great movie. Tons of emotion when we discuss a movie about drug cartel violence and orphaned children, but beautiful imagery and story we just had to share. For our Real World Connection we stay in Mexico City and discuss the heroics of the rescuers known as "Los Topos de Tlatelolco".

TW/CW as this movie deals with the Mexican drug cartel violence. The movie discusses and portrays the disappeared and the murder of women and children.

Sources for this episode:
"Who are Los Topos, Mexico's Rescuers?"
"Mexico Earthquake: Who are Los Topos, Volunteer Rescuers?"
"Mexico's 'Moles' Dig Out Earthquake Victims"

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