| Episode published 22 April 2021|
Trigger warning / Content Warning:
The movie begins with a scene of child abuse. Even though we don’t go into detail, it is a tough subject and we suggest skipping over the beginning of the movie if the content is too disturbing.

House of Wax…what can we say about this movie? A lot, apparently. But when you have both Jared Padalecki and Paris Hilton in a fun horror flick, of course we’re going to enjoy discussing it. A short cut, a detour, and camping is just the right recipe for a great night of horror. “Supernatural” and “Simple Life” fans will not be disappointed.

Real-world connection found on IGTV
Sources for this episode:
"There are no children here. Just life-size dolls." by Motoko Rich
New York Times. Japan Dispatch

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