That's a wrap on Season 3 Queer Horror. We're going to take a short break and will return with Season 4 later this summer.

Nigerian Zombie flick? Why yes, I'd love to! We enjoyed the f**k out of this movie! You know how you can tell? Two exclamation points in a row.

This episode originally aired as an audio only podcast in August 2021 during our Season 2, BIPOC Creators.

We discussed Ojuju, a Nigerian horror movie made on a zero budget. You read that correct, zero budget! You can find it and watch on Kweli TV and you can hear us now give you all the details. We're all about the spoilers here. Tune in and listen to Alma make a boob of herself and Dalia go full on pro-zombie. That's a thing, right? Well, you heard it here first!

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Movie synopsis:
Romero’s neighbourhood is in trouble. People are suddenly manifesting symptoms of rabid river blindness . With his friends, Emmy and Peju he struggles to understand how the neighbourhood’s sole source of water supply could have been infected.