That's a wrap on Season 3 Queer Horror. We're going to take a short break and will return with Season 4 later this summer.

For this Real World Connection, we were inspired by Dr. Krish's career as a brain surgeon. That naturally led to the subject of trephination! Listen in to our conversation on pre-conquest Peruvian and Mexican trephination.

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Preconquest Peruvian Neurosurgeons: A Study of Inca and Pre-Columbian Trephination and the Art of Medicine in Ancient Peru
by: Marino, Raul Jr. M.D.; Gonzales-Portillo, Marco M.D

Archaeological Origins of Cranial Surgery : Trephination in Mexico
Velasco-Suarez, Manuel M.D.; Martinez, Josefina Bautista Ph.Anthr.; Oliveros, Rafael Garcia M.D.; Weinstein, Philip R. M.D

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