Jan. 25, 2021

La Llorona

TW/CW: This episode discusses the real world atrocities inflicted upon Maya and Guatemala women during the Guatemalan Maya Genocide. The movie is based upon this historical real life event. During discussion of this movie, we do speak about assault and child death. If you feel you cannot listen to this content and this episode, we completely understand. Always take care of yourself first.

This week Alma and Dalia watch and discuss Golden Globe nominated "La Llorona", 2019 Guatemalan film from Jayro Bustamente. Alma shares our connection to this Mexican folk legend and Dalia shares the movie’s background and inspiration, The Guatemalan Maya Genocide of the 1970s-1980s. We also talk about where we feel this movie fits best in the horror movie genres. Tune in to hear what we decided. Sources for this week: PRECURSORS TO FEMICIDE: Guatemalan Women in a Vortex of Violence by David Carey Jr. and M. Gabriela Torres   Music for this podcast created by JUNIPER