Season 4 is here! This season we are discussing WOMEN OF HORROR!

Authentic and honest!

This podcast should be required listening for every horror fan. I love the fun rapport the sisters have, which makes you feel like you are hanging out with your friends discussing horror movies. Their enthusiasm is infectious and their knowledge about this genre is encyclopedic. The discussions are detailed, honest and authentic with Alma and Dalia exploring not just the movie and its subtexts, but also their emotions and experiences with it. Such a fun listen!Looking forward to many more episodes!

Love it!

Love their perspective and their choices in topics! Keep the episodes coming

Great horror movie podcast!

I love Alma and Dalia’s rapport. They have a conversational style that I enjoy. Stop reading and just start listening already😄👻

Awesome pod!

So much great content to binge! Just started listening a while ago and am completely hooked. Keep up the great work! The ODDentity Podcast PodMoth Media Network

Love This Podcast

These sisters have fun and know what they’re talking about. I feel like I’m at brunch with them instead of just listening at home. Highly recommend!!


This pod is so dope! Love the intro song!

Love this show!

Such a fun, conversational-yet-informative podcast! I love how enthusiastic the hosts are about every movie—theyre such genuine horror fans—and I love how wide of a variety of movies they cover. One of my favorite new pods!

Feels like watching a movie with friends

I just recently found this podcast and I’m so glad I did. I genuinely enjoy the relationship the hosts have, it feels like I’m watching a movie with friends. I recently moved cross country so I don’t really have any friends where I’m at, and this show helps fill the gap. Can’t wait to hear what else they come up with!

Glad to find this one.

Stumbled upon the show and listen to a couple episodes. While it’s mostly a recap show what is evident is the warmth and camaraderie between the two sisters which in my opinion always makes for a fun listen I am looking forward to checking more episodes out

It’s like a horror movie night with friends!!

When I was younger I used to LOVE horror movies, but lately I’ve found they make me a bit squeamish 😩 This podcast gives me that horror movie fix with the company of a couple of close friends! These sisters are hilarious and I love the real world connections they share. I learn something new every episode while “watching” movies I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Keep it up y’all!

Horror fan or not, great listen

Not a big fan of horror movies but enjoyed the conversation and background given. Easy to listen to and even though I hadn’t seen the movie it was enjoyable to listen along.

A hidden gem

What a fun podcast. The banter between these two is hilarious and entertaining. I’ve shared this podcast with friends and each one sparks some great conversations. Listen to this one!!