July 22, 2021

Women of Color Horror Creators

This week we are discussing SIX short films from six talented WOC horror creators. Due to the content of each short film, we are including both spoiler alerts and trigger and content warnings. At the end of the show notes you will find time stamps for each episode. If you feel you need to skip around, we hope this helps.

We really enjoyed being able to watch all of the shorts as each one was a unique view into each creators’ world. While some of the material was what we call “a hard watch”, we wanted to highlight these women and their films. We’re so glad that we were able to discuss these movies and we hope that you enjoy the conversation.

(Links should direct you to each movie. If not, refresh your platform. We're trying to fix this on our end.)

Dumplings | Lilian Lee
TW/CW Abortion/Cannibalism
Start Time 5:34  TW/CW/Spoilers 19:34

The Last Light | Angelita Mendoza
TW/CW Child Violence/Death
Start Time 21:00 TW/CW/Spoilers 27:25

Knock Knock | Kennikki Jones-Jones
TW/CW Child Abuse/Death
Start Time 29:18 TW/CW/Spoilers 40:50

White Girl | Nadia Latif
TW/CW Targeted Racial Crime/Murder
Start Time 45:45 TW/CW/Spoilers 57:04

Suicide by Sunlight | Nikyatu Jusu
TW/CW Systemic Racism, Child Death
Start Time 1:05:50 TW/CW/Spoilers 1:13:48

11 Minutes | Hilda Pontes
TW/CW Sexual Assault
Start Time 1:20:34 TW/CW/Spoilers 1:26:00